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I have a referral under the EPC/CDM plan from my GP. How does this work?

If you are referred from your GP under the CDM (Chronic Disease Management) plan, formerly the ‘EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) plan’, then you will need to bring your GPs paperwork in with you. Your GP referral entitles you to a number (up to five maximum) of osteopathic treatments partially covered by Medicare. Your GP will decide how many treatments you are allocated.

Please note, we do NOT BULK BILL. You will need to pay for your appointment in full on the day.

To claim your medicare rebate, once your appointment is paid, we can either provide you with a receipt to send to Medicare and Medicare will reimburse you $52.95 (making your overall out of pocket expense $42.05 for an initial and $32.05 for a subsequent consultation) or we can process the rebate electronically using our HICAPS machine at the time of your appointment.

Electronic Medicare Rebate;
Pay for your consultation by Eftpos or Credit card.
We swipe your Medicare card and enter details of your EPC referral.
We swipe your bank ATM card for reimbursement.
Medicare reimburses your rebate of $52.95 into your cheque or savings account within 24 hours.

If you have any queries regarding our payment process, simply call us on 9305 7035 and we will further discuss this with you.

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